Business management software is a range of tools used by businesses to streamline and facilitate their fundamental processes. This includes project management, document storage and management, accounting and bookkeeping, sales and customer relationship management. These tools are primarily designed for small and medium-sized businesses however, some of them have capabilities that can be utilized by larger companies.

Every startup that grows gets to a point at which the spreadsheet wizardry of spreadsheets and paper documentation are not enough. Monitoring ongoing projects manually, billable hours and client invoices can lead to messy data that can lead to a lack of deadlines and incomplete work. This is when a comprehensive business management solution is essential to achieving success.

ClickUp is a complete productivity platform designed for teams of all sizes. It centralizes your business processes, policies and procedures as templates that anyone can use to track and work on. It also includes task scheduling, automated email reminders, one-on-one or group chat, training via digital surveys, and more to keep your team focused on the work that matters most.

The right business management software for your business requires an understanding of the workflows of your business, its requirements and goals. Certain business management systems require you to maintain and update your own servers. Some are cloud-based and can be accessed via the internet. Depending on your deployment preference, you may want to think about how the application will integrate with other software and applications you already have in place.

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