Founded in 1996 in New York City, intralinks data room ma offers inter-enterprise content management and collaboration solutions that enable multiple business parties to exchange documents and information within a secure virtual environment. The platform allows due diligence and other like this processes to be carried out in M&A projects (Mergers and Acquisitions) and other transactions like capital raising, investor reports, and management of regulatory risks.

The solution comes with a range of essential features that make it efficient for M&A deals, including secure document storage and the ability to grant granular access including automated audit logs and support for mobile devices. The main dashboard of insights offers an actionable set of activity metrics in a visually appealing format that allows users to easily assess and interpret a broad range of activities.

Intralinks’ virtual data rooms make it easy to keep deals moving forward, regardless of the location or device. Its SaaS web-based software and mobile apps function on most modern browsers, iOS and Android devices. Users have access to documents wherever they connect to the internet. Users can manage access, monitor usage and check reports and stats from the desktop interface or mobile app.

The customer service offered by intralinks VDR is certainly one of its best features. It provides support 24 hours a day all year round through email, direct phone contact, and live chat. Support representatives are available in multiple languages to help with communication issues, making this an ideal solution for companies that have international customers.

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