A secure data room (SDR) is an online repository that permits companies to share sensitive documents with other parties in a secure setting. It is utilized in a variety of commercial transactions, including mergers and purchases and fundraising, IPOs or legal proceedings, where it’s important that external parties review confidential documents without exposing the business and creating a compliance problem.

Secure Data Room Features

The most reliable virtual data rooms provide the latest security features to protect your private data from malicious actors. They offer features like virus and intrusion prevention encryption of data (at both rest and in transit), firewalls that are on the network, and many more to ensure your data is safe from cyber threats.

The ability to monitor and limit access to the data room is among the most important functions of a safe dataroom. This is vital because the majority data breaches are caused by human error. For example, clicking on a hyperlink or downloading a file that holds personal information. A secure data room can prevent these mistakes by preventing downloads, and providing detailed activity reports and alerts.

Another popular feature is NDA gatekeeping. This permits companies to make an invitation to the data room with an unique NDA link which expires after a certain period of time. NDA gatekeeping makes it easy for companies to keep their information private while still allowing a prospective buyer or investor the opportunity to view a complete data set and review the company.


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